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A graphical representation provided in Orbyo's analytical dashboard provides all touch points the orgnisation had with each customer. This visualisation is a critical part of our customer deliverable.

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Instead of using multiple software for web analytics, competitor analysis, SEO, brand reputation, keyword analyzer, content marketing, CRO, lead generation etc. Use Orbyo to accelerate your sales.

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Our Success Stories
  • Sales & Marketing Platform for Automobile Major in Oman, Towell Auto Center LLC

    Towell Auto Center LLC (TAC), are the pioneers in the automobile business in Oman since 1972. Over the last 45 years TAC has joined hands with premium international brands in the automotive & after market products segments to make their products and services available in Oman. TAC are the exclusive representatives ofMazda Motor Corporation; Japan, Geely a multinational automotive manufacturing company who owns Swedish Passenger car brand Volvo & Lotus cars to name a few, Bridgestone; Japan, Total Lubricants, France etc.

    Having a strong team of field staff, TAC is implementing the "Orbyo for Enterprise" Platform for Sales, CRM & Marketing. ORBYO platform provides insights about the marketing initiatives, integrates the digital assets of TAC to the departments and empower the field staff with intelligent alerts and notification, thus delivering excellent buying experience for the customer.

  • Converting Anonymous Web Users to Leads

    A UK Based Technology company approached us seeking assistance as they began expansion into the United States. Our LeadsGenMagic (leads generated like magic) service made their entry into the US market smooth and successful. Using our LeadsGenMagic tool, they were able to implement their strategy to identify restaurant owners who visited their website. Our location based insights made sure all the data they handled was relevant and helped them efficiently convert website traffic into leads and then into sales. Within 45 days of using our platform the company generated 19 leads, resulting in 30,000 Euros worth of business.

  • Enhancing marketing returns for a Bangalore based co-working space

    A Bangalore based co-working space used enlisted our help in enhancing their marketing returns. By streamlining their leads generation, enhancing coordination between their strategic and sales teams and making the process of finding and engaging with potential clients cheaper and more efficient, we helped them achieve greater returns on their marketing spend than they expected would be possible.

  • Content Management for automobile dealer and boutique

    Our whistles and several other services are designed to ensure that our clients have direct control over the content on their website and digital media. Our client, an automobile showroom, benefitted from our software’s capacity to seamlessly integrate content across platforms and update content quickly when required.

  • Brand visibility for Consultants and consulting firms and Construction companies

    Our branding services place a strong emphasis on visibility. For the the consulting firms and construction companies on our roster range from well known, established companies to rising start ups, so making sure their brand is seen and recognised is not always easy. To make sure our clients get the visibility they need, we have a specialised location based service that goes beyond traditional search engine optimisation, and ensures that when ever someone in the vicinity searches for the address of a marketing consultant, HR consultant or construction company, our clients offices and websites are the very first thing they see!

  • Brand Reputation Marketing for International eCommerce company

    An International eCommerce company approached us with a common industry problem: buyers responded best to products with positive reviews, social media traction, and other indications of popularity, but ensuring potential customers see these positive reviews can be difficult.

    Our services helped make their brand trustworthy and gave them a major boost in their customers perception, and the positive impact of this on their sales was immediate.

    We were also able to reduce their marketing spend 30%, without compromising on their conversions and helping them achieve an increase in e commerce revenue. We did this by aligning their lead generation pattern with ongoing campaigns, helping them use their resources more effectively

  • Content generation & publishing for Teachers, Parents & students of a School

    A large school in Bangalore has been one of our satisfied clients for a while now. Operating a school’s website is different from almost any other niche because of how important it is that the website is dynamic and constantly updated with new information that includes everything from exam schedules, unexpected holidays, circulars for parents, report cards and more. It is also important that the website is able to handle a large amount of traffic at once; LeadIcon was able to deliver on all of these requirements and more.

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